Cala D’Or a dream in white

The tourist center of Cala d'Or is located about 15 km east of Porto Colom on the southeast coast of Mallorca. The City of Cala D’or is charming. Many small streets run through the town center. It is a bit like Ibiza. All houses are painted in white and you can’t find big hotel areas.
You will love Cala D’Or if you look for small coves (Cala D'Or, Cala Gran,Cala Figuera, Cala Esmeralda ...) with crystal clear water and white beaches.  Cala D’Or is also a good spot for divers. We can help you to book a diving course.
And when you like good food you are right here. Many small and tasteful restaurants, bars and dance halls bring the heart of  Cala Dor to life.

To get a first glance of Cala D’Or, we recommend a ride with the Mini Train. Similar to the Can Picafort Express which travels in the north of Mallorca, this small "train" brings you in about 30 minutes from one end of the town to the other.

If you have enough of the beach life, Cala D’Or offers you bunch of other activities. You can play mini-golf or tennis, you can hire a bike to visit the environment or you just can relax in one of the many bars or cafes in Cala D'Or.

A very interesting destination in Cala D'Or is the former stronghold Es Forti. A hundred years ago this complex was occupied by Spanish soldiers to guard the port of Cala D'Or. Today it is a perfect view point for tourists to enjoy the incredible costal panorama of the town.